Changing the color of your natural hair is tricky and should only be handled by professionals. To avoid damaging your hair, it is important you consult an expert hair colorist. However, this will require a lot of time and money. If you want colored hair, your best bet is to buy a colored human hair wig.

There are different options for colored hair available on the market; one of the most popular is the blonde 613 wig. This is because it is suitable for any woman, irrespective of skin tone. This wig type is beautiful and made with both human and synthetic hair. If you want to know more about these blonde wigs, you are in the right place. This article will explain the meaning of blonde 613 wigs, their benefits, the care process, and where to buy them.

Table of Content

  • What is a blonde 613 wig?
  • Why you need to consider buying Luvme Hair blonde 613 wig
  • How To Care For A blonde 613 Wig?
  • Where to Buy a blonde 613 wig
  • Conclusion

What are blonde 613 Wigs?

blonde 613 wigs are bleached, dyed blonde human hair highly sought after by stylists. It is mostly for women who want to enjoy the beauty of blonde hair without having to color their natural hair. This is the best option if you are looking for a wig to make you a cynosure of eye.

They are completely made from human hair, making you look more natural. Because it is made from human hair, it is a better investment than synthetic wigs. As long as you can stick to the care routine, you can restyle and use the hair for over a year.

Why You Need to Consider Buying Luvme Hair blonde 613 Wig

Many Styling Possibilities

There are different possibilities to explore with a blonde wig. You can try various hairstyles and don’t have to bleach the hair to try these styling options. So, as a woman, if you want to try out light-colored hair, this is an ideal option. You don’t have to spend extra time and effort to bleach and dye the hair.

Hair Protection

Many women love colored hair; however, they are not ready to dye or bleach their hair because of the risk involved. This is acceptable because it only takes a professional to dye hair without risking damage. Plus, it is always expensive whether you do it at home or seek professional help. Considering the effort and time needed to change your hair color, you will know colored wigs are worth buying.


Weight is another thing to consider when buying a wig; the blonde 613 wig is not heavy on the scalp. Traditional wigs can be weighty and discomfort for the wearer, but this is different for this blonde wig. It is a wig you can wear all day without any inconvenience or discomfort on your scalp.

Pre-plucked Wig

Being a pre-plucked wig, the blonde 613 wigs will ensure you look great and natural. Pre-plucked wigs are hair that comes with baby hair on the hairline. It looks more natural and easier to wear than wigs that are not pre-plucked.

How To Care For A blonde 613 Wig?

Avoid Overheating

While it is always advisable to avoid heat styling tools, there are situations you might want to try one. If you need to use tools like hair splints for styling, ensure your hair is dry and tangle-free. Do not blow dry; air dry your hair, and use a heat protectant for additional protection. In addition, when using any hot styling tool, ensure you don’t overheat your hair.  

Reduce Exposure to UV Rays

You will be tempted to flaunt your new blonde 613, which is normal. However, you should reduce exposure to direct sunlight. This is because your hair may fade, become brittle and dry. If you will have to wear the wig outside, there is a need to apply a leave-in conditioner and also wear a cap.  

Choose a Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Ensure you stay off hair products containing sulfates, such as conditioners and shampoos with sulfate. Sulfate harms your hair since it can remove hair protein and natural oils. To preserve your hair, only use sulfate-free hair products.

Avoid Processing

The blonde 613 wigs have been bleached and dyed already; seek professional advice if you decide to lighten or bleach. Advisably, don’t attempt processing your hair, as it can be damaging.

Deep Conditioning

Unlike your natural hair, which has a regular source of moisture, your wig also needs moisture. To preserve your wig’s moisture and nutrition, it is recommended you condition the hair. Aside from infusing the hair with moisture, conditioning will help reduce fading.

This is not different for the blonde 613 wigs; deep conditioning will protect the wig, ensuring you use it longer.

Where to Buy a blonde 613 Wig

There are different places online and offline to buy wigs; however, what differentiates them is the quality of those wigs. This is the same for the blonde 613 wigs; some brands only sell those made from synthetic hair. However, wig brands like Luvme Hair offer blonde wigs completely made from human hair. Aside from blonde wigs, you can also access ombre wig and other colors of wig. 


This article has explained essential things to know about blonde 613 wigs. It will help you understand the meaning of blonde 613 wigs, their benefits, and how to maintain them. All this information will guide you if you consider buying this type of blonde wig. The blonde 613 wig is unique and will ensure you stand out.